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Matilda House

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Contact Details

A2Dominion Address: 2A Rymers Lane, Oxford - OX4 3ES
2A Rymers Lane, Oxford

Service Type

Supported accommodation

Service Description

Opened on 2nd September 2019, Matilda House is a purpose built unit offering cluster accommodation for those that have experienced homelessness.

Accommodation can be accessed by anyone that has been verified as a rough sleeper by the a member of the Outreach Team past or present and has a connection to Oxford City. 

The building is split into two parts and houses guests that still need support but who are ready to look to move on into more permanent accommodation.

Key functions & activities offered

When someone moves in the aim is to support them to:

  • Address the issues that has led them to become homeless which may be things such as alcohol and drug addiction, poor mental health and anti-social behaviour
  • Develop the skills to successfully maintain their accommodation
  • Improve their social network and develop a meaningful occupation

Each guest will have a:

  • Named support worker to offer them help and guidance, with levels of support agreed with the guest
  • Support plan agreed with the guest
  • Risk assessment in place with support measures to reduce those risks