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Aspire Oxfordshire

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Contact Details

Aspire  Address: St. Thomas School Osney Lane, Oxford - OX1 1NP
St. Thomas School Osney Lane, Oxford
Aspire  Phone Number: 01865 204450
01865 204450

Service Type

Positive activities and help into employment

Operating Hours

8am - 4pm Mon - Fri

Service Description

Aspire Oxfordshire is an employment charity and social enterprise that supports people from disadvantaged backgrounds – including homelessness, substance misuse or offending histories – to overcome barriers and move towards and into employment.

This is achieved through the following activities:

  • Employability development, social inclusion and community outreach projects, including to prisons, substance misuse recovery hubs, homeless pathway accommodation, bail hostels, Jobcentres, community centres and refugee projects. As of May 2019, Aspire offers an Enterprise Development Programme for individuals experiencing barriers to self-employment, and facilitate the government's new Kickstart Scheme to create accessible work placements for young people aged 16-24.
  • Real, supported work experience, training and employment opportunities in Aspire’s enterprise services in grounds maintenance, property services and community transport, together with intensive one-to-one coaching support.
  • Engaging with local employers through Aspire's Social Recruitment Enterprise, Hire2Inspire, to offer supported work experience placements, work trials and create meaningful paid opportunities for clients, including through delivering job fairs and recruitment and in-work support, encouraging open and inclusive recruitment across Oxfordshire.
  • Aspire can support up to 20 trainees a day on its enterprises and employability projects.

Key functions & activities offered

Aspire is here to help you move forward with your life. We can support you to take positive steps towards employment, education, work experience and training.

Our team is friendly, supportive, and will work with you to create a plan based around your needs.

We will:

  • Help you create a personal development plan to build the skills and training needed to find a job
  • Support you to create a CV and develop your digital skills
  • Give you access to work experience on Aspire's own enterprise businesses in grounds and property maintenance
  • Facilitate sports activities to help you get active
  • Provide access to wider support where needed around your housing, debt, mental health or other issues
  • Offer links to local employers to help you find work placements and job opportunities

Once you've found a job, our support continues. We provide ongoing advice and mentoring once you're in employment, to help you settle in and deal with any issues.