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Women's Project (Homeless Oxfordshire)

Homeless Oxfordshire

Women's Project (Homeless Oxfordshire): Provides shelter Provides shelter
Women's Project (Homeless Oxfordshire): Doesn't provide guidance Doesn't provide guidance
Women's Project (Homeless Oxfordshire): Doesn't provide new skill learning Doesn't provide new skill learning
Women's Project (Homeless Oxfordshire): Accepts time Accepts time
Women's Project (Homeless Oxfordshire): Accepts things Accepts things
Women's Project (Homeless Oxfordshire): Accepts money Accepts money

Service Type

Supported accommodation

Service Description

Homeless Oxfordshire is the largest supported accommodation provider for homeless and vulnerably house people in the county.

We strive to be effective, appropriately challenge perceptions and systems, Inspire clients, our partners and each other. We are responsive to need and compassionate. Above all we are brave and will not give up on people that society has left behind.

Homelessness doesn’t have a postcode. Sadly, it’s everywhere. We make sure Oxfordshire is covered, working across the county in close partnership with organisations including all local authorities such as Oxford City Council.

Each night we accommodate 220 people.

We have been supporting people across the county for over 30 years; providing meals, accommodation, training and education, welfare support and helping individuals to develop basic skill to run their own homes.

Key functions & activities offered

Women only project

We are experiencing a 40% increase in women using our services. The women we accommodate and support have complex needs including child welfare, family and relationship breakdown, offending behaviour, historic abuse, bereavement, substance misuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, childhood trauma and/or self-harm and interrelating problems that contribute to women’s homelessness and presents barriers to recovery