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Bonn Square Hub

Bonn Square Hub: Doesn't provide shelter Doesn't provide shelter
Bonn Square Hub: Provides guidance Provides guidance
Bonn Square Hub: Doesn't provide new skill learning Doesn't provide new skill learning
Bonn Square Hub: Doesn't accept time Doesn't accept time
Bonn Square Hub: Doesn't accept things Doesn't accept things
Bonn Square Hub: Doesn't accept money Doesn't accept money

Eligibility & Referral

Referral made via OxSPOT

Service Description

A multi-agency Hub where people sleeping rough can access a range of different services in one place. Here they can receive a comprehensive and quick assessment, providing a fast track forward.

  • OxSPOT provides support, assessment, and referral to accommodation for clients
  • Aspire provides an education, employment, and training specialist service
  • Turning Point provides a substance misuse advice service
  • Crisis provides creative activities
  • Oxford City Council provides a Housing Options assessment service

The service is available to people who:

  • Are currently sleeping rough
  • Are at imminent risk of sleeping rough
  • Are accommodated in Sit Up
  • Have been previous visitors to the Hub prior to a short-lived move into accommodation services

The Hub is operating for a pilot period until April 2020. 

Key functions & activities offered

  • Access to personalised advice and support
  • Immediate assessment and referral to supported accommodation
  • Reconnecting clients to their own local area or home country
  • A positive, trauma-informed environment with a wide range of positive activities