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EEA Migrants Service

St Mungo's

EEA Migrants Service : Doesn't provide shelter Doesn't provide shelter
EEA Migrants Service : Provides guidance Provides guidance
EEA Migrants Service : Doesn't provide new skill learning Doesn't provide new skill learning
EEA Migrants Service : Accepts time Accepts time
EEA Migrants Service : Doesn't accept things Doesn't accept things
EEA Migrants Service : Accepts money Accepts money

Service Description

Run by St Mungo’s, who are commissioned to deliver the Oxford Street Population Outreach Team (OxSPOT), the service is being provided to help people from the European Economic Area (EEA) who are rough sleeping or at risk of doing so. EEA migrants are often unable to access services in the UK.

The service will sign-post and refer other foreign nationals from outside of the EEA to other sources of advice and guidance.

A single unit of accommodation is being provided via Homeless Oxfordshire to support this initiative.

Key functions & activities offered

The service will be working on a range of areas which include

  • Initial identification and engagement with persons through street outreach
  • Client need’s assessments –support needs/goals, causes of homelessness, legal rights, support plans
  • Advice, guidance and onward referrals (including to police in cases of suspected modern slavery)
  • Prevention of homelessness through accessing accommodation
  • Relief work supporting clients Exercise their Treaty Rights and entitlements in the UK
  • Facilitating reconnection to country of origin or elsewhere within the UK