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About us

Oxford Homeless Movement is a partnership of the many organisations working to ensure that nobody has to sleep rough on the streets of Oxford.

We aim to bring greater visibility to all Oxford’s work in this area, guiding volunteers, supporters and homeless people alike to the actions or services they’re looking for.

Oxford Homeless Movement makes a difference by enabling you to make a difference.

About you

In a recent survey, one third of Oxford residents said they were “very concerned” about homelessness in the city. You are probably one of them – concerned, but perhaps not sure what to do about it.

It’s a surprisingly short step from being concerned to taking action. Oxford Homeless Movement guides you across the gap.

If you’ve ever seen someone sleeping rough on the city streets, you’re already part of the Movement. You share that street with that person. We are all neighbours. You are involved.

From this website you can find how to take action, now.

Another homelessness charity…?

Why does Oxford need Oxford Homeless Movement? Because life is simpler when the organisations working to tackle homelessness in Oxford come together in partnership.

We function as a shop window for these various organisations, signposting the full breadth of services and opportunities for volunteering.

If these organisations are a community, then think of Oxford Homeless Movement as the Community Centre.

‘I want to help the homeless, but don’t have the skills’

Everyone can help out, because the skills we’re looking for are as diverse as humanity itself.

Practical, creative, hands-on, hands-off. Painter and decorator, beautician, musician, cook, advocate – whatever you have to offer, it can make someone’s life a little bit better.

‘I want to help the homeless, but don’t have the time’

There’s no such thing as too little time. A single hour in your week can have a big impact on someone’s life. If everyone gives just a little time, the sum total is a full diary of volunteered hours.

Those hours will help people move forward to lives defined not by homelessness, but by who they are.

And that’s very important. A homeless person should not be defined by their homelessness. Think of a homeless person as you, but without a home, and all the problems that might bring.

Homelessness is complex, action is simple

The landscape may be complex, but our part in it can be very simple. Your actions do not have to address the whole dilemma of homelessness in Oxford. They just need to address people – individuals who need a helping hand, support, or just a bit of time out from their currently grim lives.

Sometimes issues can seem so huge and complex that you can see no easy way in. But think of it in these terms – you’re not tackling the whole, complex issue. You’re helping a person. Someone like you. Bigger pictures are all about the detail. You are one of the details.